About Our Healthcare Executive Search Firm

Our healthcare executive search firm, Nagle & Associates, a Coker Group Company, specializes in healthcare executive search and placement. Our overall objective is to help outstanding professionals align their career goals with an organization’s strategic goals, which creates highly successful, long-term matches. This ensures leadership at all levels, which ultimately maximizes an organization’s strategic long range potential.

Nagle & Associates uses a comprehensive approach to an executive search for your organization encompassing the following steps:

  • Site Visit
  • Discovery of client profile and candidate attributes
  • Recruiting and sourcing
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Candidate interviews
  • Senior leadership personality and management inventory assessment
  • Client interviews
  • Negotiation and conclusion
  • Executive coaching and follow-up

Qualified candidates should visit our Career Page to submit your resume.

Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The main priority at our healthcare executive search firm is helping outstanding healthcare executives align their career goals with our clients’ strategic goals and culture. We create highly successful long term matches which ultimately drive our client organizations to realize their strategic potential.

Vision Statement

Partnering with our clients to ensure excellence in healthcare executive search and selection.

Practice and Principles

Founded by President Chip Nagle, Nagle & Associates has vice presidents in Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dallas, Texas. Our executive search services are wholly focused on finding both executive and physician leadership for the healthcare industry on a national basis.

The majority of our time is spent on engagements with hospitals and health systems, hospital management companies, and large medical groups, both hospital sponsored and independent. We are a team of senior professionals who have dedicated our careers to the healthcare field, each possessing well over 25 years of networking experience within the healthcare niche.

Our Principles – Four Fundamental Principles Guide our Practice

  • We definitely discriminate on the basis of character, capability, and performance. Our professionals have the same base attributes as those we seek in our candidates. First and foremost with us is sincerity, followed by well-developed communication skills, and a commitment to our vision. We are highly principled and take what we do seriously.
  • We have an unrelenting focus on our clients. Through that, we create trust and mutual success. Our commitment is to win/win scenarios. Each search is as unique to us as the clientele we serve.
  • We focus on providing real value. The answer to one simple question drives all of our decisions. Does this action create real value for our customers? If answered affirmatively, it creates real value for us as a byproduct.
  • We listen hard and talk frankly. Nothing strengthens our business relationships (or for that matter, our personal ones) better than trust developed via an open and honest exchange of information and ideas.

Why Choose Us for Your Healthcare Executive Search?

  • We Believe Our Practice Leads To Results
    • Our healthcare executive search capabilities range from senior executive leadership to the director level, which many other healthcare executive search firms avoid. We believe leadership at all key levels promotes an organization that is more sound operationally, and more competitive strategically. The way we practice search is tailored to each individual client and position, and dependent upon the requirements and strategic challenges that are unique to the position and the culture of the organization. We understand you and are with you every step of the way.
  • We Believe in Aligning Organizational and Professional Goals
    • Sometimes an organization selects a good candidate whose personal demeanor is not a good match. We avoid this by meeting with our clients prior to beginning the search and listening to our clients’ needs. We ultimately present candidates who meet those needs and are in sync with all of the stakeholders in the organization’s future success.
  • We Have Experienced, Motivated Professionals
    • The professionals at our healthcare executive search firm are wholly dedicated to the healthcare industry. In fact, each member of our team possesses minimum of 20 years of healthcare-related search experience.
  • We Take Our Work Very Seriously
    • Our key to success is that we feel responsible to the client for an excellent outcome and we work hard to achieve excellent results quickly. We take responsibility for our advice and our actions. We also take on the majority of the financial risk for our success, and as such, have a truly vested interest in making a great match, and not just presenting candidates who “might work.”
  • Our Clients Are Our Partners
    • We believe our clients are our partners in the healthcare executive search and selection. We respect our clients’ opinions; together we can achieve excellence. Towards that end, we guarantee the tenure of our candidates and in the unlikely event that it should become necessary, we will complete another search at no additional cost to you.
  • We Deliver Value-Added Client Service
    • As one of the top healthcare executive search firms in the country, we focus on providing real value. We communicate openly and frequently. We partner with our clients to ensure excellence in leadership selection.
  • The Leadership Edge – Executive Coaching
    • Many successful candidates and the organizations they serve believe that the first 90-120 days of employment are a virtual grace period. We believe nothing is farther from the truth. An executive’s first few months on the job are crucial because during this time, key individuals form lasting opinions of the candidate’s “cultural fit” and leadership ability. Our process incorporates healthcare executive coaching into the first few months of employment to further ensure a long term match.