Our Mission

Nagle & Associates’ overall objective is to help outstanding professionals align their career goals with an organization’s culture and strategic goals, which creates highly successful, long-term matches. This ensures leadership at all levels, which ultimately maximizes an organization’s strategic potential.

Four Fundamental Principles Guide Our Practice

We definitely discriminate on the basis of character, capability, and performance. Our professionals have the same base attributes as those we seek in our candidates. First and foremost with us is sincerity, followed by well-developed communication skills, and a commitment to our vision. We are highly principled and take what we do seriously.

We have an unrelenting focus on our clients. Through that, we create trust and mutual success. Our commitment is to win/win scenarios. Each search is as unique to us as the clientele we serve.

We focus on providing real value. The answer to one simple question drives all of our decisions. Does this action create real value for our customers? If answered affirmatively, it creates real value for us as a byproduct.

We listen hard and talk frankly. Nothing strengthens our business relationships (or for that matter, our personal ones) better than trust developed via an open and honest exchange of information and ideas.