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Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions

Our Mandate: Beyond Talent Acquisition to Solutions

Mounting complexity and changing volume to value reimbursement models requires senior executives to be a cultural fit, mentally flexible and capable of making sound decisions sometimes with little information. Nagle & Associates assesses our finalists to ensure these crucial areas are evidence-based and further developed during the executive coaching phase.


  • We complete a data/evidence-based senior leadership culture assessment which supersedes perception and further ensures candidate integration. Perceptions matter, however, we are just adding a little science to the art. We believe this assessment helps deliver finalists for the position who are most likely better potential cultural fits, and when coupled with executive coaching following the placement it helps to better ensure longer term retention which we feel will be a real strategic differentiator in the future. Leadership assessments utilize a tool and database that compares leaders to leaders and is both statistically valid and interpretable.

  • Learning Agility: Results of this assessment provide a clear understanding of an executive’s ability and willingness to learn quickly and then apply those lessons to perform well in new, changing and challenging leadership situations. This assessment is a crucial element to hiring and developing top notch talent.

  • Decision Styles: Results of this assessment provide a clear understanding of the executive’s capacity to make sound decisions and insights into how the executive makes decisions. Alignment in the context of senior leadership culture is almost always essential for effective collaboration between executive team members.

  • The Good News: Learning agility and decision styles are both coachable and could be focal points during the one-on-one executive coaching process for several months following the hire.

  • Relocation is often a stress point that can trigger unspoken resistance. Our experience has shown some professionals will decline an offer to avoid the very real stress of a move. We address that during the talent acquisition process itself as part of our overall talent solution. Your finalists and, ultimately, the chosen professional, are the real beneficiaries. We back our talent with concierge-level relocation support relieving our clients of this responsibility. Whether or not relocation financial compensation is provided, Nagle & Associates supplies relocation support services to facilitate quick and hassle-free talent relocation. Candidates and their families are transitioned quickly and smoothly, and your brand is positively affected. We provide customized local community orientation and home tours for all finalists invited on site who are being seriously considered for the position. We focus on your employer brand, and, most importantly, location desirability.

“Selecting the right leadership at all key levels is now an imperative for operational and strategic success. In its absence, the transition to quality/value-based healthcare reimbursement will be difficult at best.”

 – Chip Nagle

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