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Talent Solutions

Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions

Our Unique Healthcare Executive Search Practice

We Believe in Aligning Organizational and Professional Goals

Sometimes an organization selects a well-qualified candidate whose personal demeanor is just not a good fit. We avoid this by meeting with our clients prior to beginning the search and listening to their perspectives on the position from which we begin to ascertain what personality and communication style would best fit the culture. To ensure our collective perceptions of culture are spot on, we complete an evidence/data-based assessment of the senior leadership culture to deliver candidates who are the best fit based on that assessment as well as their personal and professional demeanor gleaned from our various interactions with prospective finalists for the position. When taken together that fit will positively impact longer-term retention which in turn will define winning provider organizations in the future. Our experience has shown cultural fit, above all else, is the key determinant for a senior executive’s long-term success. Candidate development and integration comes in a close second and the two form the basis for longer tenures.


We Have Experienced, Motivated Professionals

Our senior research associates, as well as our senior search professionals, are wholly dedicated to the healthcare industry. In fact, all of our research associates have a minimum of 20 years of healthcare-related search experience.


We Take Our Work Very Seriously

One of the keys to our firm’s long-term success is our feeling of responsibility to our clients for achieving excellent results. We do not make excuses for issues that arise and we are accountable for our advice and actions. We are selective in choosing the searches we take on, focusing not only on our ability to deliver outstanding outcomes, but also on achieving good chemistry with our clients seeking to build long-term relationships and trusted advisor status. Our billings are based on our performance. We take on the majority of the financial risk and have a truly vested interest in making a great match. We do not present finalists who “might work” for expediency sake. 

We Deliver Value-Added Client Service

We partner with our clients on each search, focusing not only on the search at hand, but also on candidate development and retention. We respect our clients’ opinions and believe that working together we can achieve excellence in leadership selection and retention. We guarantee the tenure of our candidates, and, in the highly unlikely event that it should become necessary, we will complete another search with the same robust process and rigor at no additional cost to you. In our 18+ year history, we have had to do that only twice. Following each search, we will meet with our clients to fine tune the process to best fit their needs on future assignments. Our commitment to relationship building is unwavering.


The Leadership Edge – Executive Coaching

Many successful candidates and the organizations they serve believe the first 90 to 120 days of employment are a virtual grace period. We believe nothing could be further from the truth. An executive’s first few months on the job are crucial because during this time key individuals (board members, physician leadership, and other executives) form lasting opinions on the candidate’s cultural fit and leadership ability. Our process incorporates executive coaching into the first several months of employment to further ensure a long-term tenure. New executives must lead in a manner that is understood and respected. They must be able to assimilate the culture quickly, and assess the abilities of the team and the capacity of the organization to meet competitive challenges. Executive coaching is a process that assists the new executive with many of these challenges and provides the means to make the right decisions and get results in the first critical months of the new assignment.

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