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Talent Solutions

Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions


Unique Differentiators – Contemporary Solutions

  • National Reach and more than 20 years of experience focused on hospital, health system and larger independent physician group space.

  • High-Touch, Boutique Service  from an experienced senior executive search professional. With over 23 years of executive search experience, Mr. Nagle, in many instances, will personally lead your search from start to finish. Dr. Strieker, our executive coach, will be a significant presence as well.

  • We have credentialed subject-matter experts who have often successfully served as executives in the specific role you are looking to fill and have the knowledge and understanding of the operational, financial and human resource challenges to role entails. They are “on top” of the rapidly changing healthcare landscape specific to the role at hand.

  • Senior research associates with 20+ years of experience in networking, sourcing and recruiting.

  • Our company is the size it is by design, we are not hamstrung by a pervasive off limits list.

  • We offer a contemporary, client-friendly, communication-driven search process which aligns us and our clients.

  • Continuous quality improvement, as we monitor our client and candidate experiences following the search process often meeting with our new clients in person to fine tune the process so that it best fits their unique needs in the future.

  • Competitive fee structure typically set at thirty (30%). Our fees are, for the most part, based on our ability to conduct the search at hand and not tied to any other non-search related metrics.

  • Executive coaching for three to five months post hire to ensure cultural integration, effective professional communication, and ultimately, desired results.

  • Leadership assessments of candidates prior to selection and on-site assessments of the executive team’s organizational culture by an organizational psychologist and executive coach. Both the executive team and high potential finalists complete the same assessment. This assures that candidates who best fit “culturally” are presented and the chosen professional is retained and developed into the future following an acceptance.

  • Our typical tenure guarantee is twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months and on select searches we offer a two (2) year tenure guarantee.

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