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Talent Solutions

Healthcare Executive Search and Talent Solutions
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Our Unique Healthcare Executive Search Practice

We Believe in Aligning Organizational and Professional Goals

Sometimes an organization selects a well-qualified candidate whose personal demeanor is just not a good fit. We avoid this by meeting with our clients prior to beginning the search and listening to their perspectives on the position from which we begin to ascertain what personality and communication style would best fit the culture. To ensure our collective perceptions of culture are spot on, we complete an evidence/data-based assessment of the senior leadership culture to deliver candidates who are the best fit based on that assessment as well as their personal and professional demeanor gleaned from our various interactions with prospective finalists for the position. When taken together that fit will positively impact longer-term retention which in turn will define winning provider organizations in the future. Our experience has shown cultural fit, above all else, is the key determinant for a senior executive’s long-term success. Candidate development and integration comes in a close second and the two form the basis for longer tenures.

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Our Mandate: Beyond Talent Acquisition to Solutions

Mounting complexity and changing volume to value reimbursement models requires senior executives to be a cultural fit, mentally flexible and capable of making sound decisions sometimes with little information. Nagle & Associates assesses our finalists to ensure these crucial areas are evidence-based and further developed during the executive coaching phase.

Nagle & Associates Offers: 

  • Data/evidence-based senior leadership culture assessment 

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Learning Agility 

  • Decision Styles

  • The Good News: Learning Agility

  • Relocation: Concierge-level relocation support relieving

  • Customized local community orientation and home tours 


Unique Differentiators – Contemporary Solutions

  • National Reach 

  • High-Touch, Boutique Service  

  • Credentialed subject-matter experts 

  • Senior research associates  

  • Our company is the size it is by design. 

  • Contemporary, client-friendly, communication-driven search process 

  • Continuous quality improvement

  • Competitive fee structure 

  • Executive coaching 

  • Leadership assessments 

  • Tenure Guarantee 

“We continue to explore new ideas pertinent to executive search and to focus on executive level talent acquisition but often as part of a larger talent solution. I believe that bringing talented professionals on board is a good start, but an unwavering focus on an evidence-based cultural fit and commitment to coaching the new hire for several months within the context of culture will most certainly be strategic differentiators for successful healthcare organizations particularly in this era of a completely changing, and increasingly complex, fluid delivery environment.”


– Chip Nagle, Nagle & Associates

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